Steve's PaleoGoods



Steve’s PaleoGoods are the realization of owner, Steve Liberati’s, passion for good food and a healthy lifestyle - as well as a passion for community activism - all wrapped into one healthy package. From tasty medleys of grass-fed beef jerky, raw nuts and dried fruits to new PaleoChef dressings and marinades, the products are perfect for health-conscious people on-the-go.

A mission driven company, Steve’s PaleoGoods - and sales from all its delicious Paleo products - are the funding source for Steve’s true calling: Steve’s Club.  Steve’s Club is dedicated to changing the lives of at-risk youth using the tools of fitness training, nutritional guidance and mentorship. These ideals put into action mean helping the kids of Steve’s Club lead better, safer, more enriched lives. Steve’s Club has grown into a national non-profit serving kids across the United States, but it began in Camden, New Jersey by Steve and his wife Kristen. Many of the kids just needed to gain strength and confidence - but they also needed a source of real food they could pack for school.  Steve and Kristen got creative in the kitchen, and the first of the PaleoGoods line - the original PaleoKit - was born!

This loan is going towards purchasing a meat dehydrator, so Steve can produce his beef jerky  - made from GAP Rated, grass-fed beef from Will Harris and White Oaks Pasture (another LPLP Recipient!) - and keep up with its burgeoning popularity in the Mid-Atlantic region!