Thunderbird Energetica

Austin, TX - Founded 2011


Founded by Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest in 2011, Thunderbird Energetica is an artisan energy bar manufacturer located in Austin, Texas. Thunderbird bars are gluten-free, raw, soy-free, and vegan and each bar is packaged in a compostable wrapper produced from discarded wood pulp that breaks down within 3-5 months.  Thunderbird’s story began in 2004, when both founders began training as endurance athletes.  After their rigorous workouts, they could not find any decent tasting energy bars made with natural, whole food ingredients, so they decided to make their own. After personally beta testing different iterations, Katie and Taylor found the best tasting recipes to introduce to the public.  Thunderbird Energetica bars are now a conveniently packaged, whole ingredient, high power energy bar enjoyed by all. Katie and Taylor used the funds from the Local Producer Loan to purchase ingredients and packaging for their new flavors; they also purchased a walk-in refrigerator.

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