Long Island City, NY - Founded 2009


Located in Long Island City, New York, TumericALIVE is a therapeutic beverage company selling elixirs that feature the healing powers of fresh raw Hawaiian volcanic turmeric and ginger.  Founder, Daniel Sullivan, connected deeply with the healing properties of turmeric while farming in Hawaii in 2008 and was selling his TumericALIVE Elixirs to yoga studios around Manhattan by 2009. By 2010, TumericALIVE was selling in Whole Foods stores around the Northeastregion.  In September 2012, TumericALIVE released a brand new product called Pure Prana, which is a raw, organic energy shot made out of turmeric, holy basil and yerba mate.  Daniel and his team combined the best of the elixir’s ingredients as a healthy solution for an energy boost.

Turmeric is one of the most therapeutic healing and transformative herbs on the planet and as such TumericAlive’s drinks are utilized for their sports recovery, anti-inflammatory and fat metabolizing qualities. They are using the funds from this loan to buy a new filling machine and to expand their WFM demo program which will enable them to expand their business to more WFM regions.