To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.

Fitzpatrick, AL - Founded 2005


Peggy Sutton, owner of To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co., started in her kitchen in 2005 baking with sprouted grains for a few friends. Peggy utilized a modern way to sprout grains at home that was akin to how our ancestors would harvest grains that had naturally sprouted in the fields. Word quickly spread and by 2006 her husband built a commercial kitchen in his new barn. In February 2008 the business transitioned from baking to producing and selling only sprouted organic grains and flours. By 2009, Whole Foods Market partnered with Peggy in order to utilize her sprouted grains in the in-house breads baked and sold at Whole Foods Markets.  The funds from the Local Producer Loan went toward building a larger facility in order to expand their capacity.