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April 11, 2015 @ Whole Story
Do you believe that everything tastes better with bacon and the more bacon the better? Then you’re going to love this! Wellshire has crafted a leaner, flavorful bacon from the meaty pork shoulder and it’s about $2.00 less per pack than traditional bacon
March 20, 2015 @ Whole Story
When Easter rolls around and eggs are ubiquitous keep those cartons out of the landfill and keep little hands busy crafting fun spring decorations and doo-dads.
February 11, 2015 @ Whole Story
Our trusted Quality Standards prohibit 50 questionable ingredients that are commonly found in all kinds of body care products—from blush to baby wash!
January 22, 2015 @ Whole Story
Serve Tangerine-Roasted Tuna with Green Olives over cooked brown rice for a quick and easy meal. The bright citrus and briny olives give this one-pan dish a lively Mediterranean flavor.
January 15, 2015 @ Whole Story
Tiny red adzuki beans deliver a low-fat source of protein and fiber while balancing the flavor of sweet potatoes and bitter greens in this satisfying, all-in-one dish: The result is a meal that’s full of flavor and packed with nutrients.
January 8, 2015 @ Whole Story
Slow roasting tofu makes it delightfully rich and gives it a firm but tender texture. Combine tofu, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard and herbs and bake in this simple recipe for Oven-Roasted Tofu. Serve hot or warm with your favorite dipping sauce, or cool and add to salads and sandwiches.
January 1, 2015 @ Whole Story
A dairy-free take on a comfort food classic, this recipe substitutes a cashew cream for Stroganoff’s traditional dairy ingredients.
December 20, 2014 @ Whole Story
Whole Foods Market global cheese buyer, Cathy Strange and Panna, the video cooking magazine, are inviting you into Cathy's wonderful world of cheese. Panna is pleased to introduce Cathy’s brand new column The Wheel, where she gives you the lowdown on all her favorite cheeses.
December 10, 2014 @ Whole Story
The holidays are a time of joy and celebration; they’re also a time when North Americans produce more trash than any other time of the year. Here are a few tips to live lighter on the planet this holiday season.
November 11, 2014 @ Whole Story
This Thanksgiving, you can do it all. But you don’t have to. That’s because online ordering is available for Thanksgiving feasting, Hanukkah noshing, Christmas celebrating and every holiday entertaining occasion in between at:
October 29, 2014 @ Whole Story
Share your family’s Thanksgiving meal traditions or how do you buck tradition and you could win a $250 Whole Foods Market gift card. Whatever your Thanksgiving tradition, you can trust us to have the highest-quality ingredients and Team Members who are excited to help you find just what you need.
September 22, 2014 @ Whole Story
What’s in a name? For Allegro Coffee’s Café UBUNTU quite a lot, actually. In Kenya ubuntu means “I am because we are.” If you think that’s a little deep for coffee, read on to find out the notable backstory of this African blend.
August 10, 2014 @ Whole Story
Need help determining which supplements are right for you? Here’s a list of popular supplements and why you might take them, too.
July 31, 2014 @ Whole Story
Our friends at Inspire have pulled together 6 of their picks from the music selection you’ll find at many of our stores.
July 30, 2014 @ Whole Story
Our lives are busy and it’s hard to fit everything in, including eating for variety and essential nutrients. Supplements can help, and they can support optimal health, as well. Read on to learn about a special 3-day sale happening August 1-3, 2014: Buy shelf-stable Engine 2 Plant-Strong™ Almondmilk or shelf-stable 365 Everyday Value® Organic Almondmilk and get 40% off Vega Protein Smoothie. 
June 11, 2014 @ Whole Story
Discover Panna, and discover the chef in you. Panna is the video cooking magazine where master chefs share their skills, techniques and more in step-by-step HD video recipes, guiding you to flawless results. Watch Chef Chad Sarno make Dairy-Free Vanilla Cashew Ice Cream with Date Cocoa Swirl.
June 5, 2014 @ Whole Story
It’s the 5th annual celebration of Hemp History Week and our US stores are closing out the week with sales on select products. But first a bit about what Hemp History Week is all about.
May 22, 2014 @ Whole Story
What do you need to enjoy a great adventure? Of course, there are the essential essentials. But, there are additional “nice-to-haves” that I’ve learned make the trip that much more enjoyable. Here are a few.



Allison honed her adventurous palate, appreciation of ethnic cuisine and taste for fresh fruits and veggies in her hometown of Hilo, Hawaii. She considers herself lucky to work for a company that shares her enthusiasm for good food and conscious living. With a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science, Allison gets to combine her love of finding and sharing information with her love of food as the Digital Content Editor for our Global Communications Team. She enjoys the good life with her family in Austin, Texas – hiking, travelling, scuba diving and, of course, eating!