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February 26, 2011 @ Whole Story
Learn about a new selection of classic and contemporary acoustic songs for bedtime and relaxation, and enter to win a 5-CD set from Putumayo’s Dreamland series.
November 22, 2010 @ Whole Story
While people around the world celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in different ways, we all share the common desire to enjoy a festive holiday season with family and friends and great music.
July 16, 2010 @ Whole Story
Congratulations to Patricia for winning Putumayo's 5-CD reggae collection and thanks to all of you who shared your favorite Bob Marley song with us! Dan Storper is the CEO and Founder of Putumayo World Music. Tribute-to-a-Reggae-Legend-Cover-WEB-300x269_0.jpg
June 4, 2010 @ Whole Story
Congratulations to Sarah from Miami for being randomly chosen as the winner of the African CD collection! 301_190_0.jpg
February 9, 2010 @ Whole Story
Dan is the founder and president of Putumayo World Music. Their newest release Rhythm and Blues is available in Whole Foods Market stores today. putamayo1_0.jpg
January 31, 2010 @ Whole Story
Around here, we feel like Putumayo World Music and Whole Foods Market kind of grew up together. In celebration of our 30th birthday this year, we asked Dan Storper, founder and president of Putumayo, to write about how it all came to be. Post a comment by February 7th with your favorite kind of world music or Putumayo CD and you might just win a copy of their upcoming release, Rhythm & Blues.