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July 30, 2014 @ Whole Story
Food52 shares their strategy to make a double or triple batch of a salad that can work for lunches, side dishes and a main meal for dinner. Even better is that these salad recipes are bursting with the nuttiest, berriest, spiciest flavors you can imagine.
July 19, 2014 @ Whole Story
A can of tomatoes or a couple pounds fresh from the market — the kitchen can be a place of exploration: an easy path to a burden-free dinner, bursting with juicy, tomato goodness. The editors of Food52 are ramping up your typical recipes with five unusually delicious newcomers to the tomato game.
July 15, 2014 @ Whole Story
We get it, it’s hot out. To enjoy what you can of the dog days of summer, follow our lead. This is the time to be enjoying the sudden influx of beautiful summer produce, in all their raw, crunchy glory. Here are 6 recipes to celebrate the crisp veggies while they last.
July 6, 2014 @ Whole Story
What to do when those perfumy peaches you bought for a hypothetical tart start feeling too squishy for baking? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. While there are endless ways to preserve summer fruit, we’ve collected a list of our favorite options. From fruit-infused vinegar to rhubarb-gin jam, you’ll be enjoying your summer fruits well into the next season.
May 30, 2014 @ Whole Story
Food52’s favorite quick breakfasts for sunny summer days.
May 16, 2014 @ Whole Story
Food52’s favorite recipes for the grill, just in time for the warm weather.
May 2, 2014 @ Whole Story
6 different drinks perfect for any fiesta.
April 18, 2014 @ Whole Story
6 great ways to make use of spring’s foraged bounty.
April 5, 2014 @ Whole Story
Creative, Passover-friendly desserts.
March 15, 2014 @ Whole Story
Five of Food52’s favorite, most crowd-pleasing fish recipes.
February 13, 2014 @ Whole Story
Warm yourself from the inside out with these six hearty recipes.
February 1, 2014 @ Whole Story
Here are six sweet ways to share the Valentine’s Day spirit with all the ones you love.
January 18, 2014 @ Whole Story
The Big Game is fast approaching, and a plain old can of beer isn’t nearly festive enough.
January 4, 2014 @ Whole Story
Six winter grain recipes to discover now – and carry with you into the new year.
December 19, 2013 @ Whole Story
It wouldn’t be the holidays without a little bit of sparkle – especially in our cocktails. From their animated appearance to their tongue-tickling bubbles, sparkling cocktails are made for celebrations. And with the right combinations of flavors and additions, such as liqueur infused with bitter orange, sugar cubes, or lemon twists, effervescent cocktails can appeal to everyone in the crowd (over 21, that is!).
December 6, 2013 @ Whole Story
One of the biggest holiday luxuries is the freedom to indulge in decadent feasts to our heart’s content. While your guests are waiting around for the main event, sometimes you need a small bite here and there to keep everyone feeling festive and bolster any cocktails being consumed. From sweet and savory walnuts to smoky, crunchy chickpeas, here are six easily prepared snacks to keep on hand this holiday season.
November 24, 2013 @ Whole Story
The holidays can be joyful and tasty, but they can also be the most stressful time of the year. Between entertaining at home and traveling to see friends and family – all while making sure your famed mashed potatoes survive the journey – there’s often very little room to enjoy the festivities. This year, we’re helping you relax with six holiday recipes that can be prepped in your own kitchen and easily taken on the road. From rich gravy to sweet cranberry sauce to hearty cornbread, these dishes can be made in advance and warmed up when it’s time to feast.
November 7, 2013 @ Whole Story
Thanksgiving is a holiday of indulgence. It’s a day of decadent pies, thick slices of turkey, rich gravies, loaded stuffings and all manner of potato-based sides. We fully support feasting on this day of thanks, but let’s be honest – sometimes your palate needs a little break from the heavy-hitters. Try adding one of these six salads to your Thanksgiving spread to offset your feast – and prepare for them to be the first to run out.
October 22, 2013 @ Whole Story
Cooking projects with children are slightly intimidating, but fear not – cooking with your kids doesn’t have to be chaotic or end with the ingredients splattered all over the counters and floor. Done right, cooking with your little sous chefs can be a great source of fun in the kitchen! And in addition to creating something delicious together, it builds valuable life skills.
October 8, 2013 @ Whole Story
Oats can (and should!) be celebrated in so many recipes beyond oatmeal – from savory, creamy risottos to chewy granola bars and everything in between.  Forget about that processed oatmeal of breakfasts past and embrace these five recipes that give hard-working oats the attention and treatment they rightly deserve. Photo by James Ransom

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