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April 15, 2015 @ Whole Story
One odd detail that always intrigues folks attending my pollinator conservation workshops is the fact that bumble bees create an audible middle-C musical note to shake the pollen out of certain flowers. Whether we look to wild plants that sustain wildlife such as songbirds and bears, or the nearly two-thirds of our food crops that require pollinators to exist, we can find similarly fascinating events constantly unfolding.

Eric Lee-Mäder co-directs the Pollinator Conservation Program at the Xerces Society. In this role Eric works with farmers and agencies like the USDA and the United Nations to enhance biodiversity in agricultural lands across the world. His background includes previous work as a small farm educator, and crop consultant for the wildflower seed industry. Eric is the lead author of several books including Attracting Native Pollinators, and Farming with Native Beneficial Insects.