Errol Schweizer

For over 18 years, Errol Schweizer has dedicated his career to improving the natural and organic food industry.  As Whole Foods Market’s Global Grocery Coordinator since 2008, Errol has helped to bring more than 6,000 culinary finds to the US marketplace. Errol and the Grocery team continue to lead the charge on ethical sourcing and product innovation at Whole Foods Market, as well as expanding their selection of Fair Trade, Organic, and Non GMO products. Errol’s team has helped establish new milestones for quality and transparency in pet foods, cleaning products, raw/superfoods, HPP beverages, hemp foods, pastured dairy and eggs, vegan foods, and much more across over 70 product categories. He and his family are currently homesteading a few wooded acres on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. In his spare time, Errol can be found hanging out with his kids, reading or hiking.