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June 17, 2016 @ Whole Story
If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say “eat greens first” or “eat as close to nature as possible” …. It’s no secret that a well-made salad heaped with greens is a great way to fuel your day with micronutrients. Then again, those statements are two of our three tenants of healthy eating at Whole Kids Foundation. So I read, write and hear those sayings every day for work.
May 27, 2016 @ Whole Story
Plan a summer filled with frugal fun inspired by Whole Kids Foundation’s mission to support healthy families.
April 16, 2015 @ Whole Story
Earth Month is the perfect occasion for parents to talk with kids about healthy ecosystems that sustain human beings and the food we eat. So we’ve broken up these complex issues into fun, kid-sized bites of information and games.
July 12, 2014 @ Whole Story
Whole Kids Foundation® has loads of cool ideas for you and the kids this summer, including tips on how to make your garden grow and how to navigate those bulk bins at Whole Foods Market®.
June 7, 2014 @ Whole Story
June marks the end of the school year and the start of a summer full of fun learning opportunities for kids. Whole Kids Foundation® makes it easy with four hands-on activities.
May 6, 2014 @ Whole Story
Whole Kids Foundation® has new kids’ activities to keep small hands busy and big minds growing. Take a bite out of a good book, get crafty in the recycle bin and learn a new way to pack more nutrition into every bite!
April 2, 2014 @ Whole Story
Whole Kids Foundation® wants to see how your family celebrates our wonderful planet. Enter their Earth Month photo contest on Facebook.
February 19, 2014 @ Whole Story
Some of my very favorite things in the world start with the letter “B”. There’s berries, beaches, beets, bikes, bees, barns, breeze, books…and BRUNCH! Whole Kids Foundation® is giving some love to the letter B with this month’s kids’ activities.
January 4, 2014 @ Whole Story
Whole, slivers, sections, pulp, no pulp… no matter how you cut it, oranges are fabulous. Their skin smells great and even sprays cool oils when you squish it – so neat! Bright orangey delights are around every corner at Whole Foods Market® right now, because darlin’ clementine… it’s citrus season, and Whole Kids Foundation® is joining in the fun!
June 7, 2013 @ Whole Story
Spending quality time with your kiddos is easy when you follow these tips from DIY expert Mark Frauenfelder.
April 11, 2013 @ Whole Story
Looking for more? See our earlier post on two easy ways to make every day Earth Day with your kids. Get Scrappy with Your Recycle Bin
April 2, 2013 @ Whole Story
Spring has arrived, and it’s time to get your kids back out there communing with nature! With each generation, our children are becoming better stewards of this planet. Whole Kids Foundation® has tons of kids’ activities that are both fun and Earth-friendly. Here’s a couple to get you started.
December 9, 2011 @ Whole Story
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Jane Johnson is the Communications Program Leader for Whole Kids Foundation and has worked with kids her whole life, most recently as a teacher with AmeriCorps Teach for America.  She is passionate about improving the health and wellness of our future generations, and also about her 1960 Chevy BelAir!