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June 20, 2011 @ Whole Story
Have you always wanted to grill fresh fruits and vegetables, but weren’t sure how to go about it? We’ve got tips. Let’s get grilling!
June 5, 2011 @ Whole Story
Planning an art-inspired summer vacation? We’ve got you covered with both essential and unexpected destinations…and great provisions from our nearby stores.
June 5, 2011 @ Whole Story
Summer’s here and it’s time to cook some meat over an open flame! Check out these refresher tips for grilling and get recipe ideas to kick-start the season.
May 29, 2011 @ Whole Story
Traveling to London this summer? Visit must-see destinations…all just a hop, skip or a tube stop from a neighborhood Whole Foods Market.
May 20, 2011 @ Whole Story
Need a refresher on grilling techniques before BBQ season hits? Get some tips on how to grill everything from pineapple to pork chops!
April 28, 2011 @ Whole Story
You’ve got until May 10th to leave a blog comment for a chance to win a slew of “green” household cleaning products. Do it now!
April 22, 2011 @ Whole Story
We’re no longer selling red-rated swordfish and tuna as of Earth Day. Find out more!
April 22, 2011 @ Whole Story
Do you need a spring-cleaning makeover? Learn about some great choices and add a comment by May 10th for a chance to win a slew of “green” household cleaning products!
April 21, 2011 @ Whole Story
Unsure how to get the greenest clean? Choosing household cleaning products just got easier with our new Eco-Scale™ Rating System!
April 20, 2011 @ Whole Story
Looking for an eco-friendly project for the kids? Try this simple bird feeder made from a recycled milk (or non-dairy beverage) carton.
April 15, 2011 @ Whole Story
Got hungry birds? Make a DIY bird biscuit and hang it anywhere that birds can reach it! Kids will love this earth-friendly project.
April 15, 2011 @ Whole Story
Eat your way to a greener planet! Here are some simple ways to make food choices that positively impact our environment and celebrate Earth Month.
April 11, 2011 @ Whole Story
Support green filmmakers! A portion of tickets sales from our Do Something Reel™ Film Festival goes toward grants to help fund new films.
April 9, 2011 @ Whole Story
Thanks to everyone who recycles plastic, we’re introducing some new eco-friendly packaging in our Whole Body™ department that uses post-consumer recycled plastic. Learn how to find the new stuff!
April 8, 2011 @ Whole Story
Make a DIY fossil from coffee grounds! This simple earth-friendly project is a fun way to help kids immortalize their favorite small objects.
April 7, 2011 @ Whole Story
What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body! Learn what we’re doing to make sure you can tell if that lotion or toothpaste is truly organic.
April 7, 2011 @ Whole Story
Stop by for our annual “crack-off” on April 16th. We’ll be simultaneously cracking into 372 85-pound wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano!
April 3, 2011 @ Whole Story
In April, we are featuring Jasper Hill Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, a natural-rind traditional English-style cheddar that will simply amaze you. If you haven’t tried it, stop by for a sample!
April 2, 2011 @ Whole Story
Do Something Reel features six provocative films focused on passionate people making a world of difference. Find a screening near you!
April 2, 2011 @ Whole Story
Earth Day is April 22nd and we love taking the whole month of April to celebrate. Here’s a look at some of the fun things we have planned. Together we can make a difference!