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April 29, 2009 @ Whole Story
I have to admit, Sunday afternoon I was beat from an active day that began with a big dog walk then progressed into grocery shopping, a yoga class, cleaning house and working in the garden, followed by a very welcome shower. All would make for a fantastic spring day if I didn't then have to make dinner! I was too tired and broke to consider going out to pick something up, so I took an exploratory tour of cupboard, fridge and freezer, grumbling all the while that I hadn't followed my own oft-preached advice and planned tonight's meal when I shopped just that morning!
February 19, 2009 @ Whole Story
When I opened the fridge Sunday morning to a whole lotta "nothing to eat," I felt like that mostly-blank white interior was challenging me, blowing a cool dare right in my face. "Go ahead, try to make a meal from what you see here." I knew I had to go grocery shopping that afternoon, but I didn't want to waste anything that might be lingering. I also wanted to get my dinner plan squared away early. I'd be out all afternoon and knew I wouldn't want to cook much. I began digging.



Susannah grew up eating loads of gulf-coast seafood her father received in trade for ads placed in his small-town newspaper. Summers with Yankee grandmothers-one from an eastern European immigrant family and one a Julia Child fan-taught her both thriftiness in the kitchen and the pleasure of herbs and vegetables grown right outside the back door. Add years of fast-paced restaurant work and Whole Foods Market experience and you get Susannah’s quick, experimental style in the kitchen with Slow Food-style enjoyment at the table. Aside from food and cooking, Susannah also devours novels and her passions range from playing basketball to performing punk rock, getting lost in museums or in the wild, doing art or doing yoga.