How is this holiday celebrated?

    It's a day to celebrate beans in every way you can think of!

    Most of our research shows that this day is celebrated by sending fun greeting cards and enjoying bean activities such as learning about beans. Elementary school teachers have been known to have a segment in class about beans in honor of National Bean Day. Preschoolers even get read the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" as part of class.

    Why not cook beans on this day such as bean soups, share some bean recipes or even have a bean party! I mean really, how many people have bean parties? You could be the first in your neighborhood! On bean day you could even give gifts-in-a-jar made from dry beans. In the South it's not uncommon to ask guests over for a southern bean and cornbread supper with sliced onions and tomatoes served on the side so if your from the south why not do it on National Bean Day.

    More and more people are celebrating this holiday each year because so many people love beans. As the popularity of this holiday gains strength, we find that bean lovers turn this day into a party day by gathering together; sharing party food and drinks- and enjoying in the fun of beans.