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  1. Savory Blue Cheese Crackers
    Recipe Rating: 3.58653

    These crackers may be made ahead and frozen. Just pop them into the oven for a few minutes before serving.

    Categories: Snacks, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious

  2. Spiced Gingerbread with Coffee and Molasses
    Recipe Rating: 3.17577

    This rich, dark holiday bread is perfect as is. But if you're in the mood to dress it up, serve warm slices with a scoop of raspberry sorbet, dollop of lemon curd or smear of lowfat cream cheese.

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Dairy Free, Vegetarian

  3. Gingerbread Cookies
    Recipe Rating: 3.79804

    These molasses-sweetened cookies are easily shaped into gingerbread men or women, so make them in any shape you wish. It's not as hard as you might think, and they are the perfect homemade gift.

    Categories: Desserts, Vegetarian

  4. Double Ginger Gingerbread
    Recipe Rating: 3.52709

    Top squares of this spiced cake, a perfect dessert for holiday meals and parties, with spoonfuls of whipped cream, if you like. The crystallized ginger gives them an extra punch.

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Low Sodium, Vegetarian

  5. Walnut Currant Soda Bread
    Recipe Rating: 3.66146

    Serve this dried currant-studded soda bread spread with soft butter or a bit of cream cheese, if you like.

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Vegetarian

  6. Honey Walnut Pumpkin Bread
    Recipe Rating: 3.83947

    Serve this honey-sweetened bread, made with whole wheat pastry flour and oat bran, for breakfast or as a dessert or snack. Package for gift giving with our downloadable gift tag.

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Vegetarian

  7. Savory Cheese, Cranberry and Herb Mini Muffins
    Recipe Rating: 3.53652

    Cheddar cheese and sweet cranberries complement each other nicely in these little muffins, bringing sharp, sweet and tart flavors together in a single bite. A basket of these mini muffins looks tempting on the holiday brunch table. All-purpose flour can be substituted for the whole wheat pastry flour, if desired. If making regular size muffins, the recipe makes one dozen. (Allow longer baking time for larger muffins.)

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious

  8. Easy Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls
    Recipe Rating: 3.42481

    Homemade bread, especially dinner rolls, brings that special, home cooked feeling to just about any meal. These "no need to knead" rolls are simple to prepare and have a delightful, rustic flavor. If desired, brush a bit of beaten egg over the dough before baking for a rich, golden brown color.

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Low Sodium, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious

  9. Irish Soda Bread
    Recipe Rating: 3.59544

    This gluten-free version of the classic Irish soda bread is flavorful and crumbly, rather like an oversized scone, and best eaten within a day or two of baking.

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  10. Onion Focaccia
    Recipe Rating: 3.71076

    Onions give this focaccia great flavor, but it can also be made plain or with a bit of grated cheese sprinkled over the top for the last 10 minutes of baking. The addition of extra virgin olive oil in the dough makes it just a bit crisp.

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious

  11. Whole Wheat Pecan-Raisin Bread
    Recipe Rating: 3.25644

    This delicious bread smells wonderful while baking. Ideal as a whole grain breakfast bread with nut butter, tahini, cream cheese or dairy butter.

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, High Fiber

  12. Muffuletta
    Recipe Rating: 3.49268

    Let this sandwich sit for several hours for the flavors to meld and the oil to impart the bread with a delicious flavor.

    Categories: Main Dishes

  13. Italian Tuna Sandwiches
    Recipe Rating: 3.62713

    These Mediterranean tuna sandwiches can be made as little silver dollar sandwiches or in a large loaf sliced into 2-inch thick pieces. You may add a thin sliver of sharp provolone or mozzarella to each sandwich if you desire. You may make the tuna salad the day prior to assembling the sandwiches to save time.

    Categories: Sandwiches, Dairy Free

  14. Portobello Mushroom Club
    Recipe Rating: 3.61315

    The king of mushrooms really makes its presence known in this royal club. The oregano- and garlic-infused mushroom cap has a meaty texture that is complemented by sweet pepper and sharp provolone cheese. The crown of arugula adds a nutty aftertaste. Feel free to substitute fresh spinach for the arugula.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Vegetarian

  15. Cuban Sandwich
    Recipe Rating: 3.33741

    Who can resist a traditional hot Cuban sandwich with thinly sliced meats, pickles and melted cheese on perfectly pan-toasted bread? Our version is not quite traditional, but definitely delicious -- try piling on baby spinach, sliced red onion and roasted red peppers.

    Categories: Main Dishes

  16. Cape Cod Wrap
    Recipe Rating: 3.75882

    The easy sandwich relies on a combination of cranberry relish, smoked turkey and grilled red onions, and the addition of the citrus cream cheese makes it a winner. Substitute apple or pear chutney or preserves for the cranberries. 

    Categories: Main Dishes

  17. Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap
    Recipe Rating: 3.74789

    Jamaican jerk seasonings usually include ground allspice and spicy peppers. This recipe simplifies things by calling for bottled jerk marinade, making this a quick lunch or light supper main course that you can pull together in minutes. Use shredded rotisserie chicken, if desired.

    Categories: Main Dishes

  18. Deviled Ham Tea Sandwiches
    Recipe Rating: 3.51513

    The homemade deviled ham in these sandwiches is creamy and just a little spicy. Serve it scooped onto lettuce leaves as a light lunch, too.

    Categories: Sandwiches, Dairy Free, Sugar Conscious

  19. Smoked Turkey Sandwiches with Blue Cheese and Endive
    Recipe Rating: 3.66146

    Bleu d'Auvergne is a cow's milk cheese from Southern France with few rivals. Here it's spread on warm grilled bread and topped with smoked turkey, leaves of crisp endive and roasted red peppers.

    Categories: Main Dishes

  20. Turkey and Cucumber Wrap with Ranch Dressing
    Recipe Rating: 3.90448

    Pack the ingredients separately in a lunch box to roll up at lunchtime or serve the dressing on the side to avoid having a soggy wrap at meal time. Instead of a tortilla, use a piece of lavash bread, if desired.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Sugar Conscious