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  1. Grilled Whole Turkey with Simple Gravy
    Recipe Rating: 3.65564

    This year there’s no need to juggle oven space if you grill the Thanksgiving turkey! It’s a surprisingly easy way to prepare the holiday centerpiece and keep the kitchen (relatively) calm on the big day. Watch the grill temperature carefully since the outside temperature can impact the grill. Cook garlic bulbs and onions alongside the turkey, if you like.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Entertaining, Sugar Conscious

  2. Seeded Peanut Brittle
    Recipe Rating: 3.67945

    Peanut brittle is easy to make and super tasty with this simple recipe. No need to pull out a candy thermometer; just watch the sugar carefully as it cooks and work quickly while adding the nuts and seeds.

    Categories: Desserts, Snacks, Make Ahead, Gifts, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

  3. Roast Pork Loin with Thyme-Citrus Jam
    Recipe Rating: 3.39239

    This roast gets big flavor from a simple dry brine that’s flecked with fresh thyme. Use any leftover jam to spread on toast or English muffins for brunch the next day.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Entertaining, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

  4. Champagne Baked Eggs with Spinach and Crispy Ham
    Recipe Rating: 2.94764

    This rich and delicious egg dish is worth a celebration, so be sure to serve it with the leftover Champagne — straight up or in mimosas. Add a green salad and bread to make it a complete meal.

    Categories: Breakfast and Brunch, Entertaining, Gluten Free, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  5. Baked French Toast Sticks with Orange-Maple Syrup
    Recipe Rating: 3.74189

    Perfect for breakfast for a crowd, these baked French toast sticks get golden brown just like in a skillet but cook in the oven while you enjoy a second cup of coffee. Make sure to generously coat the baking sheets with canola spray oil to prevent sticking.

    Categories: Breakfast and Brunch, Cooking with Kids, Entertaining, Family Friendly, Vegetarian

  6. Cinnamon-Almond Olive Oil Cake
    Recipe Rating: 3.53464

    This tender cake is the perfect all-purpose treat for the holidays. Serve it for breakfast, an afternoon snack or dessert. A simple dusting of powdered sugar will dress it up, or enjoy it with fresh fruit and whipped cream. We love the herbal flavor and golden color that saffron adds to the cake, but feel free to skip it, too.

    Categories: Desserts, Make Ahead, Quick and Easy, Entertaining, Family Friendly, Dairy Free, Vegetarian

  7. Pumpkin and Apricot Cinnamon Rolls
    Recipe Rating: 3.34055

    Hearty and comforting, these subtly sweet pumpkin and pecan cinnamon rolls can be made a day ahead and then rewarmed for serving. The dried apricots stand in for traditional sweeteners in this recipe and add an addictive tang to the pumpkin filling.

    Categories: Breakfast and Brunch, Family Friendly, Entertaining, Dairy Free, Low Sodium, Vegetarian

  8. Toasted Coconut Caramels
    Recipe Rating: 3.07907

    With the rich, creamy flavor of coconut and a hint of salt, these handmade vegan candies are ideal for stocking stuffers or holiday host gifts. Making candy is all in the details, so be sure to follow the steps exactly to ensure the right texture.

    Categories: Desserts, Gifts, Make Ahead, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

  9. Easy Mushroom-Kale Hand Pies
    Recipe Rating: 3.65297

    These easy pastries are excellent as a fun lunch or festive appetizer. We recommend using ready-to-bake biscuit dough, but pizza dough, pie dough or crescent-roll dough will also work; roll it out to 1/8 inch or thinner.

    Categories: Appetizers, Side Dishes, Vegetarian

  10. Dulse Popcorn Packets
    Recipe Rating: 3.62452

    Disguised as little presents, these do-it-yourself popcorn gifts are flavored with seaweed flakes. At home, all the recipients will need is a little oil for popping.

    Categories: Snacks, Family Friendly, Gifts, Make Ahead, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Low Fat, Sugar Conscious, Wheat Free

  11. Turbot and Spinach Gratin
    Recipe Rating: 3.2163

    Tender, flaky turbot is an ideal fish for this creamy baked gratin, packed with spinach and shallots and seasoned with a hint of nutmeg.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Entertaining, Family Friendly, Sugar Conscious

  12. Healthy Turkey Meatloaf
    Recipe Rating: 3.72446

    You can make this lean and delicious recipe with your choice of ground turkey or chicken. The mix can also be shaped into 30 meatballs; bake for 20 to 25 minutes, turning the meatballs once. Watch our how-to video.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Family Friendly, Dairy Free, Sugar Conscious

  13. Vanilla Buttermilk Birthday Cake
    Recipe Rating: 3.83508

    Gently sweet and moist, this vanilla layer cake uses applesauce and tangy buttermilk to cut back on much of the fat in a traditional birthday cake.

    Categories: Desserts, Entertaining, Family Friendly, Learn to Cook, Vegetarian

  14. Dark Chocolate Layer Cake
    Recipe Rating: 3.19372

    Made with ingredients you probably have in the pantry, this moist and decadent chocolate cake will become your go-to celebration dessert. To make it vegan, omit the frosting and top with this rich chocolate ganache.

    Categories: Desserts, Entertaining, Family Friendly, Learn to Cook, Vegetarian

  15. Mixed Winter Pickles
    Recipe Rating: 3.48069

    Take advantage of abundant winter root veggies to make these delicious and simple homemade pickles. Serve with sandwiches, on a cheese platter or with your holiday meal. These also make great gifts. Recipe courtesy of chef Sonya Cote. Watch our how-to video. 

    Categories: Snacks, Gifts, Make Ahead, Dairy Free, Low Sodium, Vegan, Vegetarian, Fat Free, Low Fat, Sugar Conscious

  16. Black Bean Empanadas with Salsa Verde

    This impressive appetizer will be your go-to this holiday season and beyond. Store-bought pie dough offers an easy shortcut for empanadas, allowing you to concentrate a simple black bean filling and fresh salsa verde. Recipe courtesy of chef Shawn Cirkiel.

    Categories: Sugar Conscious

  17. Simple Syrup
    Recipe Rating: 3.73188

    This customizable sweetener is holiday dream. Use it to make a lovely cocktail, glaze a ham, drizzle into hot tea, package up for gift giving — the sky's the limit.

    Categories: Dressings, Sauces and Condiments, Budget Friendly, Gifts, Make Ahead, Quick and Easy, Dairy Free, Sugar Conscious, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Low Sodium, Vegan, Vegetarian, Fat Free, Low Fat

  18. Gluten-Free Orange and Currant Sweet Rolls
    Recipe Rating: 3.91426

    Using our gluten-free dinner rolls as a dynamite shortcut, these sweet buns are stuffed with dried currants and drizzled with fresh orange glaze.

    Categories: Breads and Muffins, Breakfast and Brunch, Budget Friendly, Gluten Free, Low Fat, Wheat Free

  19. Pan-Seared Radishes with Miso Sauce
    Recipe Rating: 3.55531

    This radish dish is a great introduction to cooking with miso, a paste produced from fermented soybeans. Miso gives these radishes a rich, savory flavor known as umami.

    Categories: Side Dishes, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Sugar Conscious

  20. Spiral-Sliced Ham with Green Apple Chutney
    Recipe Rating: 3.65564

    Accompanied by a savory green apple chutney, this roasted ham is an ideal centerpiece for your Easter meal or any family supper where there’s a reason to celebrate. Watch our how-to video.

    Categories: Main Dishes, Entertaining, Dairy Free