A+ Apple Recipes

There’s a reason why we have the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples are not only crunchy and delicious, they’re packed with fiber. Plus, they’re super versatile and can be added to recipes from sunup to sundown.

There are thousands of varieties of apples, making it hard to choose a favorite. Crisp, tart apples are wonderful in salads and maintain their shape in baked goods, while other varieties are perfect for turning into sauces, smoothies and other recipes.

Although apples are traditionally considered a fall fruit in the United States, they’re available year-round. Be sure to wash apples before eating them, but avoid removing the skin if you can — that’s where the bulk of the fruit’s fiber is!

Apple pie and apple-flavored oatmeal are recipes many of us love, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try apples with pork or poultry, both of which are natural pairings. Crunchy nuts are always a treat to pair with apples, and don’t forget about the tradition of apples with honey. Use the combination on a simple cheese plate to round out your apple-infused dinner.

Find more apple inspiration with our slow cooker recipes, or pair apples with our favorite foods for picnics and camping.

Fresh-Take Apple Pie
Recipe Rating: 3.8186
Apple Pie Smoothie
Recipe Rating: 3.07903
Swiss Chard with Bacon and Apple
Recipe Rating: 3.65999
Apple, Sage and Turkey Meatloaf
Recipe Rating: 3.70354
Kielbasa-Apple Kabobs
Recipe Rating: 3.65506
Curried Apple Chutney
Recipe Rating: 3.43914
Whole Grain Apple Waffles
Recipe Rating: 3.68481
Farro, Apple and Pecan Salad
Recipe Rating: 3.08079
Recipe Rating: 3.73159