Awesome Artichoke Recipes

Artichokes are one of the best spring vegetables (though frankly, they’re a thistle!). Although many have only experienced the artichoke as marinated hearts added to dips, whole artichokes steamed, roasted or stuffed are a treat for the season.

Artichokes contain a chemical called cynarine, which enhances and slightly sweetens the flavors of other food and drink. This makes them wonderful to enjoy with rich, buttery sauces, and you’ll often find artichoke recipes using creamy dips or soft cheeses. Only the fleshy base of the petals and the heart are eaten; the center choke and the upper part of the petals should be discarded.

Fresh artichokes are most often available in early spring, but frozen and jarred artichokes (typically hearts) can be found year-round. Baby artichokes are excellent in braised dishes and require less work than their grown-up counterparts, so seek them out.

The petals on an artichoke have small thorns, which can be easily removed before cooking, along with some of the tougher outer petals, if you like. If artichokes have you intimidated, check out our quick video on how to prep an artichoke.

Try artichokes with our favorite recipes for ham or pair them with deviled eggs for a wonderful spring brunch.