Perfect Pepper Recipes

Bell peppers are some of the most eye-catching items in the produce section, thanks to their vibrant green, yellow, orange and red colors. They’re easy to find fresh all year long, and frozen chopped varieties are also available either alone or in a vegetable medley.

Bell peppers do not have capsaicin, the chemical that makes other peppers such as jalapeños and habaneros taste hot. As a result, their crunchy sweet flavor makes them great for a wide variety of recipes, such as stir-fries, grilled dishes and even raw snacking.

Green bell peppers are the most bitter, least sweet of the group, while red bell peppers are the sweetest. In general, any color of bell pepper can be used in any recipe, though red and orange peppers are ideal for roasted sauces or raw applications.

When choosing your bell pepper, keep the recipe application in mind. For stuffed bell pepper recipes, seek out peppers that have balanced, flatter bottoms to allow them to stand upright in the pan. Taller, straighter-edged peppers are often easier to dice, and more squat, rounded peppers create a lovely shape when sliced.

Keep bell peppers on hand for topping burgers, stirring into soups or adding sweet flavor to healthy lunch recipes.