Wholesome Brown Rice Recipes

Looking for an easy healthy switch this year? Swap out your standard white rice for wholesome brown rice, packed with fiber, nutrients and delicious nutty flavor. Our brown rice recipes offer options for every eating plan.

Versatile and easy to prepare (it only takes a bit longer to cook than white rice), brown rice can be added or swapped into a variety of recipes. For cozy comfort, stir cooked brown rice into soups and casseroles, or try it in your next pilaf dish.

Brown rice also makes a great addition to grain-based salads, especially those served warm with hearty greens. While the natural nuttiness of brown rice means it requires less seasoning than white rice, adding zippy dressings or spices from across the globe make brown rice recipes interesting and worthy of adding to your meal rotation.

Go beyond the basics and embrace brown rice in rice pudding for dessert (or breakfast!) or make your own batch of horchata, a creamy, spiced rice drink that is wonderful any time of year.

Pair brown rice recipes with our favorite collard recipes for a memorable meal, or find more inspiration with our recipes for whole grains.

Brown Rice Salad
Recipe Rating: 3.45147
Baked Brown Rice Kibbeh
Recipe Rating: 3.39626
Brown Rice and Mung Bean Pilaf
Recipe Rating: 3.4717
Chicken and Brown Rice Soup
Recipe Rating: 3.35561
Brown Rice with Chicken and Broccoli
Recipe Rating: 3.03507
Almond Brown Rice Pudding
Recipe Rating: 3.07791
Spicy Seaweed Salad with Brown Rice
Recipe Rating: 3.63031
Lentil Walnut Burgers
Recipe Rating: 3.9491