While water is the best beverage when you’re on the go, you can add sparkle to your meals with a pitcher of these sweet sippers. Make ahead of time and keep cold in a thermos, or add extra ice to a well-sealed bottle. Try these tips for sipping success:
  • Adding fruit juices to sparkling water are a simple way to dress up drinks.
  • Lemonade can be more than just lemons: add sliced strawberries, crushed mint, or melon chunks for a twist on a classic.
  • Freeze fresh herbs, fruit, or cucumber in ice cubes ahead of time. Your water will thank you!
  • If you’re stopping for the day, put a chilled bottle of white wine or Prosecco in the cooler for adult drinks as the sun goes down.
  • Puree fruits ahead of time to make flavorful agua frescas.