Eclectic Edibles

We know you. You’re always looking for a little something out of the ordinary, right? Well, we try not to disappoint. Try packing these international flavors, sure to keep your fellow travelers on their toes:

  • Portobello Spring Rolls with Cilantro-Tahini Dip: combines rice noodles with red cabbage and greens in a tidy rice paper wrapper. Perfect for eating with your hands.
  • Stuffed Chard Leaves: tidy little packages of rice, goat cheese, pine nuts and raisins. Sure to become a picnic favorite.
  • Fried chicken is delicious cold or hot.
  • Pack up a chilled soup like Tropical Gazpacho or avocado-cucumber purée in a thermos. Keep on ice until ready to serve.
  • If camping or packing a small grill for the beach, pre-marinate meats, seafood or tempeh for straight-to-the-grill convenience. (The less time you spend cooking, the more time you spend swimming. Enough said.)
  • Tote a small jar of pasta sauce and dip skewers of precooked and chilled cheese tortellini or ravioli for a festive Italian-inspired meal.