Sandwiches are a classic road food for good reason. Perfectly portable, summer is a great time to work on your sandwichology. And to make everybody happy, consider letting your backseat drivers create their own sandwich masterpieces the day before the big trip. Just wrap them well and store with cold packs until everyone’s ready to dig in. Or store the ingredients in separate containers and build at mealtime, to avoid soggy bread.

Consider these sandwich epiphanies:

  • Use alternative seed or nut spreads like tahini or cashew butter with an unexpected fruit spread like boysenberry jam or quince jelly.
  • Pair creamy smoked Gouda with sliced apples on pecan raisin bread.
  • Layer garlic hummus with ripe tomatoes and sharp cheddar cheese on spelt bread.
  • Grill veggies or tofu ahead of time for a roasted sammie.
  • We’ve got the perfect trio: roasted yellow peppers, ripe tomatoes and a spread of cream cheese on a French baguette.
  • Stuff pita bread with sliced chicken breast, lightly dressed spinach salad and purple onions.
  • Spread ham salad on rye bread with dill pickles.
  • Herbed goat cheese and red onions are divine when paired with sliced turkey or roast beef.
  • Sandwich deli-roasted veggies and pepper jack cheese between slices of olive bread.
  • Arrange cream cheese and apple or cucumber slices on sourdough raisin bread.
  • Go gluten-free by wrapping sandwiches in large lettuce leaves or rice paper wrappers.