Everything on the Grill

It’s time to get fired up! Summer goes hand in hand with cooking outdoors, so take this opportunity to add flame-kissed flavor to all your meals. Go beyond the burger and try a few of our favorite grilling recipes.

While everyone knows steak is great on the grill, there’s so many other dishes to check out. Like grilled chicken? Try our easy barbecue version. From simple appetizers like grilled shellfish to grilled vegetables (and even grilled cheese!), there’s practically no limit to what you can do over the fire.

When grilling, be sure to use the appropriate heat level, and prepare the grates in advance. It’s good practice to keep a spray bottle filled with water nearby in case of flare-ups, and never attempt to oil the grates when the flames are lit!

To make things easier, especially in the case of smaller items like tomatoes, potatoes or oysters, try using a grilling basket. It will prevent any wayward items from falling into the fire, and make transferring from grill to plate a no-worry affair.

Try these recipes out with our favorite summer desserts for the best-ever backyard BBQ.

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