Healthy Recipes for Side Dishes

Sometimes the side dish is the main attraction of dinner, especially during larger gatherings. Our healthy sides skip a lot of the fat and salt sides are often known for, without removing flavor.

Side dishes shine when using fresh ingredients, so take a cue from the produce aisle to choose from recipes like spicy roasted asparagus, stuffed artichokes, or smoky greens. Try alternatives to plain rice like quinoa, cauliflower, or brown rice studded with fruit.

Healthy sides are incredibly versatile and can even pull double-duty as a main entrée, if you like. Or, make a larger batch of your favorite side recipe and serve up the leftovers as lunches through the week. Some side dishes, such as quinoa or cauliflower couscous, can be cooked and then frozen for a go-to dish any night of the week.

Pair any of these recipes with our high-protein vegetarian main dishes and healthy salad recipes for a full meal. For more side dish inspiration, check out our collections of broccoli recipes and brown rice recipes.