Recipes for How to Cook

Every great cook has to start somewhere. We’ve gathered our favorite starter recipes for an introductory course in cooking. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, dinner or even a snack, these basic recipes will get you on the road to kitchen success.

Our how-to-cook recipes are great building blocks for meal preparation. Once you’ve mastered these techniques, you won’t have to worry about the eternal question of “What’s for dinner?” A few of these recipes, like roast chicken or fish in parchment, can stand on their own, but when combined with techniques for grains, vegetables and sauces, a complete meal is ready.

Take what you’ve learned with these recipes to apply to other cooking. From roasting other vegetables to experimenting with simple sauces, you’ll soon find out the possibilities are endless once you’re comfortable in the kitchen.

For more recipe simplicity, try our 5-Ingredient Summer Mains or our tasty halibut recipes. Also check out our how-to-cook videos for easy kitchen tips and tricks.

How to Cook: Brown Rice
Recipe Rating: 2.95916
Recipe Rating: 3.12536
How to Cook: Quinoa
Recipe Rating: 2.99581
How to Cook: Spaghetti Squash
Recipe Rating: 2.92357
How to Cook: Basic Vinaigrette
Recipe Rating: 3.58375
How to Cook: Roast Chicken
Recipe Rating: 3.40472
How to Cook: Fish in Parchment
Recipe Rating: 3.72079
How to Cook: Poached Eggs
Recipe Rating: 3.55789
How to Cook: Fresh Salsa
Recipe Rating: 3.80613
Recipe Rating: 3.6796
How to Cook: Baked Pasta
Recipe Rating: 3.3063
How to Cook: Frittata
Recipe Rating: 3.76077