Perfect Peach Recipes

One of life’s simple pleasures is biting into a juicy peach, and we love to embrace that flavor in myriad ways. Sure, peach cobbler is a go-to, but peaches also add silky sweetness to meat dishes and soups.

Peaches come as freestone or clingstone. Freestone means that the center pit is smoother and is easily removed from the peach, while the pit of clingstone sticks to the peach flesh. When it comes to cooking, freestone peaches are your best bet.

While peaches have their peak in the summer, they are available frozen year-round. Frozen peaches are excellent to use in baked desserts, soups and jams.

When selecting peaches, look for fruits with taut skin that only slightly give to pressure. They should have a fruity aroma and not be mushy — avoid peaches with broken skin. Store unripe peaches on the kitchen counter until soft, then store in the refrigerator until ready to eat.

Add peaches to healthy summer salads or make them a part of your weeknight dinners.

Peach Cobbler
Recipe Rating: 3.40723
Peach-Banana "Ice Cream"
Recipe Rating: 3.31387
Peach-Berry Iced Tea
Recipe Rating: 3.30536
Peach Ginger Fling
Recipe Rating: 3.34716
Chilled Peach-Mint Soup
Recipe Rating: 3.3936
Peach and Cucumber Salsa
Recipe Rating: 3.56877
Peach-Ginger Water with Cilantro
Recipe Rating: 3.42656
Dried Fruit Chews
Recipe Rating: 3.82375