Pleasing Pear Recipes

Sweet and versatile pears are a treat of the cooler seasons, but they are often available year-round. As with apples, flavor and texture differs depending on variety, but in general pears have a delicate flavor that makes them ideal for combining with recipes that bring out their gentle sweetness.

Depending on the pear recipe you choose, you might need to seek out certain varieties of pear. Bartlett, Anjou and Bosc pears retain their shape and are great for baking, while Taylor’s Gold pears are ideal for sauces and smoothies.

Pears ripen at room temperature; so if the pears you purchase are not quite ripe, do not place them in the refrigerator yet. Storing them near bananas can speed up the ripening process. Because pears do not always change color as they ripen, check for ripeness by gently pressing on the neck end of the pear. A ripe pear will yield to pressure.

Pear recipes run from breakfast to dessert, as they work well with many ingredients. You’ll find they complement cheeses, chocolate, pork, nuts, wine and more, so there’s always a reason to keep pears on hand.

Try swapping pears for the apples in our favorite holiday pies or incorporate pear recipes into your Easter meal.