Plum Recipes for All

Plums are related to peaches and apricots, but have a flavor all their own. Their smaller size makes them great for snacking, but they are also excellent to use in sweet and savory recipes.

The flavor of plums can vary, but in general dark plums are sweeter than their lighter counterparts. The skin has a more tart flavor, so you can remove the skin if you prefer.

Look for plums that are firm with a slight give. As plums come in a variety of colors, don’t necessarily look for color cues, and remember that plums have a natural chalky white coating, much like blueberries. Store plums in a paper bag until ripe.

Try plums with our favorite pancake recipes or even add them to a smoothie! You can also swap in plums for any recipe that calls for peaches, nectarines or apricots.

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