Savory Seaweed Recipes

Seaweed isn’t just for sushi anymore. This nutrient-rich food is a great way to add umami flavor to your recipes.

Dried seaweed, often pressed into sheets, is the most common way to find it, but fresh seaweed is also available. Many recipes call for dried seaweed to be soaked first, so be prepared ahead of time with a bowl of cold water. Once the seaweed is rehydrated, you can use it in stir-fries, added to soups or simply in a salad.

Seaweed is naturally salty thanks to the ocean water it grows in, so it works well when paired with milder ingredients that balance the salt, such as avocado, tofu or cucumbers. The saltiness is also why it works so well with seafood – try using shredded sheets of seaweed with rice and fish to create your own sushi bowl at home.

Dried seaweed is also excellent when used as a flavoring, much like other spice mixes. Sprinkle it over your morning eggs, on top of roasted potatoes or on popcorn.

Try pairing one of our easy seaweed recipes with our salmon recipes or adventurous seafood recipes.

Seaweed, Carrot and Avocado Salad
Recipe Rating: 3.49438
Nori Lunch Rolls
Recipe Rating: 3.38792
Spicy Seaweed Salad with Brown Rice
Recipe Rating: 3.63031
Sticky Brown Rice with Seaweed Spice
Recipe Rating: 3.5286
Tofu-Seaweed Wraps with Wasabi
Recipe Rating: 3.77
Cucumber, Radish and Seaweed Salad
Recipe Rating: 3.82389
Dulse Popcorn Packets
Recipe Rating: 3.62452