Everyday Superfood Recipes

Superfoods are all the rage these days. While there is no true scientific or culinary definition for the term “superfood” and lists of superfoods can vary, we picked out several ingredients (think salmon or flaxseeds) and food groups (such as whole grains) that we think are nutritional superstars.

Each of these ingredients has been minimally processed and is nutrient-dense or packed with a few standout nutrients for the calories supplied. These foods featured in the recipe collection are great additions to your meal repertoire, and they are delicious to boot. You might even be surprised by how many of your favorite flavors are already included!

Remember, superfoods are not the cornerstone of smart nutrition; healthy eating relies on variety, balance and moderation. Try out these breakfast, dinner, side or salad recipes, which hit the sweet spot between health and good taste.

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