Wine Recipes

While we love our wine when it’s served at dinner, why not take things a step further and create some recipes with that bottle of red, white or bubbly? Whether you want to create a cocktail for your next party or make dinner a splash, these wine recipes are excellent additions to your rotation.

Many people only consider cooking with wine when risotto is on the menu, but there are many more ways to use it, and many good reasons! Not only will it enhance the flavor of the dish, it also adds a bit of acidity, which results in a brightness that pulls the recipe together. Make sure to let the wine simmer with your food to allow it to reduce and enhance the flavors of the other ingredients. Adding it too late in the process will overpower the dish and make the flavors too harsh.

When choosing wines to cook with, always use a variety that you would drink, too! Cooking wines often have added ingredients like salt, and lack the richness of a drinking wine. This also allows you to enjoy the wine with your meal as a great complement to the finished dish.

If you’re looking for more ways to get creative in the kitchen, try our cooking with beer recipes!

Spicy Wine Mustard
Recipe Rating: 3.49653
Date and Olive Oil Wine Crackers
Recipe Rating: 3.44856
Simple Spiced Figs
Recipe Rating: 3.52376
Pink Wine Punch
Recipe Rating: 3.68521
Pineapple-Rosemary Crush Cocktails
Recipe Rating: 3.30671
Rosemary-Grape Sparkler
Recipe Rating: 3.63989
Recipe Rating: 3.30113
Wine-Braised Turkey Legs
Recipe Rating: 3.32501