Our Partners

Whole Foods Market® worked closely with growers, scientists and sustainable-agriculture experts to develop Responsibly Grown. Together we will continue to improve the system over time.

  • The IPM Institute is an independent non-profit dedicated to improving health and environment through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and other best practices. IPM tactics can be used by all growers to reduce pest problems and pesticide use and impacts. The IPM Institute supports Responsibly Grown with program management, issue expertise and requirements validation.

  • Pesticide Data Central (PDC) specializes in information on pesticides and provides underlying data for the ipmprime.com tool that estimates risks associated with pesticide applications. PDC’s mission is to advance the sophistication of pesticide risk assessments and help minimize pesticide risks by providing up-to-date information on authorized pesticide uses, environmental properties and toxicity to humans and other non-target organisms. PDC helped craft aspects of the Responsibly Grown pesticide policy.

  • The Xerces Society is a nonprofit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat, and is an international leader in pollinator protection. Invertebrates are essential to the reproduction of most flowering plants, including many fruits, vegetables and nuts. The Xerces Society helped craft aspects of Responsibly Grown relating to pollinator health and habitat, and they provide ongoing support on this topic to many of our producers.