Community Giving


(Columbia, MD)

Whole Foods Market proudly support many non-profit organizations in our community and beyond through charitable giving programs that include 5% Days, Nickels for Nonprofits, donations of food and support for community events. In addition to being a 501c3 nonprofit organization, eligible organizations must have a mission statement that directly relates to one of the following categories:

  • Hunger Relief
  • Animal Welfare and Compassion
  • Organic Farming & Sustainable Food Resources
  • Environmental Conservation & Preservation 
  • Healthy Communities 

Because we believe in being an active part of our community, requests from other civic and charitable groups will be considered if the organization is in the immediate vicinity of our store, meets our core values, and funding available. 

We do not donate to individuals, individuals seeking pledges, multiple requests from the same organization or organizations and/or causes.  Each approved organization is restricted to one donation per year from any and all Whole Foods Markets.  Past support of an organization or an event is not a guarantee of future support. 

If you are interested in requesting support for a community event or organization, please review our charitable giving programs detailed below:


Throughout the year, Whole Foods Market makes in-kind donations of food, drinks and gift cards to community events and nonprofit fundraisers.  If you are interested in requesting support, please request a donation here and select your local store. We are generally unable to make contributions of cash directly to nonprofit organizations. 

Please be advised that requests need to be submitted at least 6-8 weeks in advance to be considered. Please be sure you are applying to the Whole Foods Market closest to your event or organization. All applicants must have 501(c) nonprofit status and should include this form along with their completed application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


Every Whole Foods Market store runs two individual capital campaigns each quarter: Nickels for Nonprofits and 5% Days. Depending on the needs and abilities of your organization, you may be a good candidate for one of these campaigns. Please read more about each below. If you are interested in either campaign, please fill reach out to Please include your 501(c) letter and a copy of your organization's most recent annual report if one is available. 


 If you have shopped with us before, you know that $.05 is taken off your bill for every shopping bag you reuse.  You also have the option to donate that nickel to local nonprofit organizations. These nickels add up to valuable programmatic dollars, allowing Whole Foods Market and our customers to make a real difference in our community!


On select days throughout the year, 5% of sales from a local Whole Foods Market stores are donated to local non-profit organizations. Customers and supporters come together to raise funds for our selected organizations just by shopping at Whole Foods Market on these days. This is also a great way for nonprofits to rally their support network, and engage Whole Foods Market customers in person. 

To be considered as a potential 'Nickels for Nonprofit' or '5% Day' partner, your organization must:

  • Provide a copy of your 501(c) letter
  • Be able to provide a consistent in-store presence on the 5% Day or during the Nickels for Nonprofits partnership
  • Work with Whole Foods Market to develop marketing strategies and in-store events to promote the 5% Day/Nickels for Nonprofits.
  • Not have been at 5% Day partner with ANY Whole Foods Market stores within the past three years.
  • Submit a report of how 5% Day/Nickels for Nonprofits funds were used by your organization, and recognize Whole Foods Market’s contribution to your organization via appropriate venues.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests, our store is unable to accommodate all donation applications.  Submitting an application is the first step in this process and does not guarantee support of any kind from the store. Please allow 8-10 weeks notice for all requests.