Chef Jeremy Fox's Vegan Meal for 2

Serves 2

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From the centerpiece to the sides, a completely vegan meal creatively put together for two.

- Romanesco Cauliflower Roast with Miso Bagna Càuda: Whole, slowly cooked romanesco cauliflower with a bright lemon-garlic bagna càuda sauce and rich umami from red miso.
- Charred Escarole with Tomatoes and Chickpeas: Fresh autumn stew of cherry tomatoes and chickpeas braised with garlic and rosemary. A bed of charred escarole, a lightly bitter green, adds smokiness to the meal.
- Cremini Mushroom Stuffing with Kimchi: Slow-cooked cremini mushrooms steeped with rosemary, extra-virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar. Sautéed shallots and vegan kimchi give this stuffing depth.
- Roasted Acorn Squash with Maple and Hazelnut Dukkah: Tender wedges of squash, roasted sweet-and-sour style with maple syrup, sherry vinegar and cayenne pepper. An earthy crunch of hazelnuts, sesame seeds, herbs and sea salt finish the dish.
- Frosted Sweet Potato Blondie with Spiced Cashews: Roasted sweet potatoes and golden raisins add a natural sweetness to this vegan take on a traditional blondie. Topped with creamy, sweet frosting and finished with a sprinkling of toasted cashews, sugar and a hint of smoky, sweet curry.


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