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  1. Get Flavor and Value from Unique Beef Cuts

    Exploring lesser-known cuts of beef can be a rewarding culinary adventure — one that saves you a few bucks, too. Try these recipe ideas for uncommon cuts with uncommonly good results.

    Categories: Meat, Alice K. Thompson

  2. Coastal Destinations

    Craving that coastal summer breeze? Bring the most to the coast by visiting one of our stores on your way!

    Categories: Summer's Best, Vacation Stores, Jennifer Cheng

  3. Sustainability and Our Future

    action centers, located in every store, offer customers a wide variety …
  4. Our Values and Mission

    locations (retail and non-retail) in north america. in fact, whole foods …
  5. Our Farmed Salmon Goes Beyond Industry Norms

    Are you concerned that fish farming can be harmful to our environment? We are. That’s why we developed strict standards for aquaculture that go above and beyond industry norms, raising the bar and creating a model for more sustainable fish farming practices. The small handful of salmon farmers we partner with are the leaders in environmentally responsible aquaculture.

    Categories: Seafood, Carrie Brownstein

  6. The Best Meat for Your Celebration

    While Thanksgiving is all about the sides, the main course take center stage during this month’s celebrations. That’s why we’re all about meat that’s full of flavor, not antibiotics or added hormones.

    Categories: Food & Recipes, Meat, Holidays, Elizabeth Leader Smith

  7. Make-Ahead Mother’s Day: Tips and Recipes for Breakfast or Brunch

    Want to fête Mom with breakfast in bed or leisurely brunch? Get tips and recipes that will make it a breeze.

    Categories: Food & Recipes, Spring, Alice K. Thompson

  8. Donations at Virginia Beach

    is in the immediate vicinity of a store location, meets our core values, and funding …
  9. Mike's Hot Honey Founder Travels Between Pizza and Paleo

    Whole Foods Market and Food52 partnered to highlight one of our favorite paleo-friendly condiments: Mike’s Hot Honey. The company's Brooklyn-based founder, Mike Kurtz, shares his passions for local agriculture and international flavor, plus pairings with Mike’s Hot Honey.

    Categories: Supplier Stories, Whole Story Editors

  10. 6 Mediterranean-Inspired Recipes for Spring

    Whether you are making a casual meal or entertaining a crowd, the best spring recipes highlight fresh seasonal ingredients with ease.

    Categories: Food & Recipes, Whole Story Editors

  11. Hyannis Community Giving

    be located within close proximity to the store …
  12. Asian Box

    Asian Box features authentic Asian street food in a fine-casual environment. In addition to being chef-driven and completely gluten-free, Asian Box works with local purveyors and farmers to offer a sustainable and localized experience in each location.
  13. Groundwork Coffee

    Groundwork Coffee is proud to serve 365 Lake Oswego delicious coffees, teas, handcrafted espresso drinks, and wholesome pastries. All of our coffees are locally roasted and certified organic.
  14. Biodynamic 101: What to Know and What to Buy Now

    Biodynamic agriculture is an ecological approach that views farms as living organisms, with the goal for each farm to be a self-sustaining system.

    Categories: Environmental Stewardship, Organic, Elizabeth Leader Smith

  15. JuiceLand

    JuiceLand is a fountain of freshness in a world of fast food, featuring fresh juices superfood smoothies and delicious gluten-free to go salads.
  16. Fresh Juice and Smoothie Bar

    the juice and smoothie bar, located in whole …
  17. Artisan Coffee

    Artisan Coffee takes everything back to the basics by roasting fair trade organic coffee, crafting our own syrups from organic cane sugar and cocoa, and baking from scratch. We are thrilled to share our craft with you!
  18. Bryant Park Food Hall

    be placed through our easy-to-use digital kiosks located on the 2nd …
  19. Hall of Fame

    the company to relocate to a larger location (the original lamar store in austin, texas) and eventually to expand to its second location (the … in the development of 79 store locations. “if you knew him you loved him,” says john …
  20. Michael Pollan’s Response to Whole Foods Market

    suppliers are local, i.e. located within 200 miles of the store …

    Categories: michaelpollan, John Mackey