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  1. 365 Everyday Value Veggie Dogs

    our veggie dogs are made with a blend of vital wheat gluten plus pea protein and real tofu (no soy isolates) for satisfying texture and savory flavor with 8g protein per serving. so easy to cook on the stovetop …
  2. Toy/Small Breed Dog Dry Recipe

    and pea protein. toy/small breed dog dry recipe …
  3. Protein & Fiber Flakes & Clusters Cereal

    fill you up? the right box is in your hands! with 11 grams of protein and 20% of your recommended daily value of fiber per serving†, our protein & fiber flakes & clusters are sure to satisfy. pea protein
  4. Easy Vegetable Paella
    Recipe Rating: 3.80712

    enjoy this simple vegetarian version of classic spanish paella. we included lima beans and peas for extra flavor and protein. topping the dish with grilled tempeh would provide an even bigger protein boost. rice in paella …

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  5. Swiss Chard with Black-eyed Peas
    Recipe Rating: 3.58492

    any fresh chard will do, but rainbow chard is beautiful in this simple sauté that highlights the rich flavor of chard with added protein from the peas and a little kick of red pepper. swiss chard …

    Categories: Main Dishes, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, High Fiber, Low Fat

  6. Split Pea Purée

    cooked until very tender and then puréed, split peas become deliciously creamy and are a simple way to add protein to your baby’s diet. split pea purée …

    Categories: Family Friendly, Make Ahead, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

  7. 4 Summer Smoothies Inspired by Classics Combos from Love & Lemons

    Celebrate summer with these recipes for smoothies based on classic combos like PB&J from the duo behind the award-winning blog Love & Lemons.

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  8. Celebrate National Hamburger Day with an Exclusive Offer from Beyond Burger

    a pea protein blend. to achieve maximum juiciness, the protein is … animal protein with plant protein,” says brown …

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  9. 40% Off All Amazing Grass Products

    protein from organic pea, chia, hemp and quinoa. each serving contains 20g … protein superfood is an organic, all-in-one nutritional protein shake that thoughtfully combines …
  10. Protein-Packed Recipes

    From meat-loving paleos to plant-strong vegans, everyone needs some protein in their diet. Here are some recipes for anyone interested in getting good protein in their diet.

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  11. Try Something New in August

    Stuck in a shopping rut? Try some of these new products picked by our Grocery Team, then rate them and let others know what you think.

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  12. Not Eating Meat? No Problem!

    Whether you avoid meat on Fridays, for the Lenten season or for always, these delicious vegetarian alternatives to your favorite meat dishes will help you create meatless meals in minutes.

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  13. Top Sources of Vegetarian Protein

    peas … {font-size: 11px!important;} .clear {clear: both; height: 1px;} .protein {width … protein adults should aim for about 46 grams of protein per day for women …
  14. Split Peas and Lentils

    … like beans, lentils and split peas are low in fat and high …
  15. Yes, Plants Have Protein

    cartoon hero popeye was an early champion of plant-based protein … — approximately 51% of the calories from spinach are protein! today, protein … this dietary concept originate? the word “protein” is derived from the greek word …

    Categories: Healthy Eating, Vegetarian, Scott Stoll, MD

  16. 7 Nutrition Tips Every Family Should Know

    Here’s a rundown of basic principles of good nutrition and healthy growth.

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  17. Daily Dish: Monday

    Fresh, canned or frozen? Vegan pantries. Beer nerds. Here’s what our editors found most interesting today.

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  18. More Peas, Please!

    Learn how team member and first-time Mom Christine rises to the challenge of making dinner for baby and dad using the same main ingredient: green peas.

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  19. Smiling Hara Tempeh

    tempeh and black-eyed pea tempeh, to meet the needs of folks who want a vegetarian protein that’s not derived from soybeans.  these tasty …

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  20. Quinoa Primavera with Chicken, Spring Peas and Asparagus

    protein and is packed with eight essential amino acids. buy it in bulk … quinoa primavera with chicken, spring peas and asparagus quinoa …

    Categories: Secret Ingredient Cooking Videos, Mara Fleishman