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  1. Fair Trade and Organic Coconut Oil

    Thanks to Dr. Bronner’s commitment to sourcing Fair Trade and organic ingredients, you can now feel good about using coconut oil in your favorite recipes.

    Categories: Food & Recipes, Allison Burch

  2. DIY Eye Makeup Remover

    I’m especially wary of eye makeup remover with mineral oil or other petroleum by-products. Thankfully, this simple DIY recipe will dissolve even the most stubborn makeup with just three plant-based ingredients.

    Categories: beauty, Whole Body, Paige Schilt

  3. DIY Gift: Moisturizing Lotion Bars

    Looking for a gift idea? Learn how easy it is to make homemade moisturizing lotion bars.

    Categories: Whole Body, Holidays, beauty, Paige Schilt

  4. Dr. Bronner's Soap Fair Trade Focus

    In shifting their supply chains to Fair Trade ingredients, Dr. Bronner’s made a big difference in the lives of several thousand farmers and workers.

    Categories: Whole Trade, Elizabeth Leader Smith

  5. Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is (still!) trending — and for good reason. It can be used in sautés, in cakes and cookies or even in place of butter on your toast. But if you’re only using coconut oil in the kitchen, you're missing out. It’s also an all-purpose beauty solution, a must-have for pets, and a total lifesaver at home. Here, absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about the tropical essential.

    Categories: natural beauty, beauty, Whole Body, vegan, Vegan Cooking, Food & Recipes, Trends & New Stuff, Gluten Free, Anne L. Fritz

  6. Pucker Up: DIY Lip Scrub

    If cold winter winds and heated air have left your lips worse for wear, pamper your pucker with a quick DIY lip scrub.

    Categories: Whole Body, beauty, Paige Schilt

  7. World Fair Trade Day Deals + Sweepstakes

    Hip hip hurray Saturday is World Fair Trade Day! We’re celebrating by stretching the festivities from Friday to Sunday with a three-day sale on hundreds of Whole Trade® products.

    Categories: Grocery, Elizabeth Leader Smith

  8. Dr. Bronner's

    In the late 1940s, Dr. Emanuel Bronner created his homemade soaps to promote a message of world peace. Find out how Dr. Bronner’s products continue to do so through the company’s responsible sourcing and support of community development projects.

    Categories: Supplier Stories, Carly Price

  9. Plant Oils

    When it comes to effective moisturizing, go straight to the source! Plant-based oils help replenish and lock in moisture. Bonus: They’re similar to your skin’s natural oils and can actually help balance oily skin.
  10. Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks

    From DIY moisturizer to eye makeup remover to belly balm, the Internet is teeming with articles about the beauty benefits of coconut oil. Since I’m already a fan of coconut oil in the kitchen, I decided to put some of the most common tips to the test.

    Categories: Whole Body, beauty, Paige Schilt

  11. Celebrating Fair Trade Friday with a Weekend Sale

    Our US Whole Foods Market stores are celebrating fairly traded products with a weekend-long sale, November 28-30. And we’re kicking it off with what we’re calling “Fair Trade Friday”!

    Categories: Grocery, Whole Body, Jennifer Cheng

  12. Celebrate World Fair Trade Day with Savings

    We applaud our vendor partners who have created or shifted to supply chains with a commitment to ethical trade. Shop and save on fair trade coconut oil, chocolate, grains and more. Here’s a preview of what’s in store for you.

    Categories: Whole Trade, products, Paige Schilt

  13. A Guide to Cooking Oils

    What would Mediterranean food be without gorgeous green olive oil? What would the finest Indian cuisine really taste like without the rich buttery flavor of ghee? If you really want to make a difference in the taste and quality of your meal, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the best uses for a variety of cooking oils.

    Categories: Food & Recipes, Alana Sugar

  14. Here's What's New in June

    great-tasting natural and organic products that meet our shoppers’ … product pages. bella’s organic be smart live well dressings … favorite. choose between organic buttermilk ranch …

    Categories: Food & Recipes, Grocery, Elizabeth Leader Smith

  15. Makeup

    Hello Beauty! Makeup with Whole Foods Market
  16. Help Create Hemp History

    made with a rich blend of organic extravirgincoconut, olive, jojoba and hempoils for effective yet gentle …

    Categories: Food & Recipes, Grocery, Allison Burch

  17. The Whole30 Starter Guide from Co-Founder Melissa Hartwig

    Melissa Hartwig helps you navigate the Whole30 including guidelines, a shopping guide, her favorite grocery picks and more.

    Categories: Whole30, Whole Story Editors

  18. Sensitive Skin Care

    Hello Beauty! Sensitive skin care with Whole Foods Market
  19. "Sweet" Dog Treats

    Keep those chocolate Easter bunnies away from the pups in your life. Try these ideas for treating Fido with carob and other natural ingredients instead.

    Categories: Pets, Ashlea Miller

  20. What’s New? 13 New Reasons to Shop With Us

    Our buyers are highlighting a few of their favorite products debuting in July. From dairy-free dressings and marinades to sangria in a can, here's what you should consider adding to your shopping list.

    Categories: Food & Recipes, Whats_New, Whole Story Editors