From Conventional to Conscious: the Project Green Challenge Transformation

Madeleine Welsch is a sophomore at Skidmore College where she majors in Visual Art and Environmental Studies. She hopes to put the culture back in agriculture by fusing her love of art and the sustainable food movement.

Last October, Madeleine participated in Project Green Challenge (PGC) and was selected to attend Green University. After presenting at the challenge finals in San Francisco, she was chosen as the 2013 winner. This is her PGC story.

There’s Plastic on Your Face… and it’s Washing Down the Drain

Many body care products use plastic microbeads as exfoliators. These microbeads are so small that they can easily slip through water treatment systems and end up in our waterways. Here’s what you can do to help.

Summer Meals That Bees Built

Bees pollinate many of our favorite summer foods, including berries, melons, squash and peppers. They’re also responsible for many of the cover and alfalfa that feed beef and dairy cows. Without pollinators, summer barbecues and picnics would be bland.

Give Bees a Chance

You can thank a pollinator for one out of every three bites you eat. Bees help produce more than 100 types of crops, everything from almonds to watermelons. They’re also vital to the clover and alfalfa that feed beef and dairy cows. If you care about food, you need to care about bees.

The Accidental Beekeeper

Dr. John C. (Jack) Gilbert is a professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Santa Clara University in California’s Silicon Valley. He’s also an amateur beekeeper — or, as he would say, a “sideliner” in the world of beekeeping. We asked him to tell us about swapping his lab coat for a beekeeper’s suit.

Tricky Recycling Made Easy

From batteries to #5 plastics, there are some recycling challenges out there. But we’re trying to make it easier for you. Here are a few of the things Whole Foods Market stores across the country accept and responsibly dispose of for you.

DIY Spring Cleaning

I live in Austin, Texas, where spring smells like…grape soda.

The Sophora secundiflora or Texas mountain laurel, is a popular native shrub whose flowers smell exactly like the Grape Nehi my grandpa used to drink. In my neighborhood, their sweet scent is a surefire sign that spring has arrived.

Our Eco-Scale Rating System: A Cleaning Tool You Can Use

At Whole Foods Market, we believe shoppers have a right to know exactly which ingredients are in the products that touch their lives, including their cleaning products. That’s why we created the Eco-Scale® Rating System.

Ideas for Upcycling that Wine Bottle

Aileen Sevier writes about the wonderful world of wine for brands like protea. She holds the prestigious Diploma certification from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, an internationally recognized professional program. She’s sharing her favorite upcycling ideas with our readers.

5 Steps Teens Can Take Towards Conscious Living and a Project Green Challenge

What is conscious living? Teens Turning Green believes conscious living is an awareness of your choices and actions and their impact on your health, the community and the environment.


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