The Contained Food Garden

Growing food crops in containers is easier than growing them in a big backyard. You won't harvest as much, but then, you won't work nearly as hard, either.

The Cultured Garden

Long-term, benign neglect in the garden leads to more than just an untidy space. It can evolve into pest and disease problems that destroy your plants fast. Here are a few suggestions to help you avoid that kind of heartburn.

Mindful Garden Irrigation

While watering a vegetable garden may not seem particularly daunting on the surface, it actually takes a high level of understanding and commitment to maintain your plants' vigor, while also utilizing the resource with conservation in mind.

Getting Started in the Garden

If I've learned anything from years of growing kitchen gardens, it is this: vegetables and herbs cannot thrive on excitement alone. To help you avoid future frustration, here are a few tips to get you growing in the right direction.

Gardening for the Greater Good

Water-Wise Gardening: Make the Most of Every Drop

Whether you’re caring for a container garden or keeping a homestead vegetable plot alive, using water efficiently and mindfully is important.

DIY Trellises: If You Build It, They Will Grow

Trellises are essential for vining plants, such as pole beans, peas, and some varieties of squashes or cucumbers. (Check the tag or the seed packet. Varieties that don’t need a trellis are usually called “bush” variety.)


Contain Your Garden!

It doesn’t take an acre of space to grow fresh produce at home. Here are some easy ways to grow fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies in containers.

Home Composting: Use It!

Home Composting: Get the Right Bin


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