Home Composting: The Basics

Celebrating Even the Smallest of Harvests


The Cool Crowd: Fall and Winter Gardening

Cool weather doesn’t have to mean the end of gardening. In fact, in warmer climates fall and winter gardens can be more rewarding than their summer counterparts! Last year, my backyard garden in Austin, Texas, fed us leafy greens, broccoli and other brassicas from November until late March, when I finally had to pull them to make room for a summer crop. The cool weather kept the pests at bay and a wide variety of leafy greens helped keep things interesting — and that’s when I realized that fall and winter were my favorite gardening seasons.


Get the Dirt on Composting at Home

If you’ve ever tried your hand at gardening, even of the container variety, chances are you’ve heard at least a little about the importance of compost. That’s for good reason: healthy compost mixed with soil will give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive.


What To Do With Summer's Produce Surplus

Keeping up with the summer garden is chore enough, and dealing with a surplus can be vexing — and inspiring. Here’s what to do with too much of a good thing.

Three Garden-Fresh Summer Meals

Avid home gardener and food blogger Amber shares three fresh menus she’s put together from her summer harvest.

Tips for Dealing with Garden Trouble

Seven Tips for a Successful Early Summer Garden


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