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Up For Renewal Trivia Game

Up for Renewal Trivia
How savvy are you about energy efficiency and renewables? Take the "Up for Renewal" Earth Month trivia quiz.

For the Greener Good Trivia Game

For the Greener Good Trivia
Which eco-friendly choices give power to the people? Take the "For the Greener Good" Earth Month trivia quiz.

In The Loop Trivia Game

In the Loop Trivia
Do you know enough to bring the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) full circle? Take the "In the Loop" Earth Month trivia quiz.

And the Green Prom Winner is...

You may recall that we announced the Project Green Prom contest put together by Teens Turning Green. Teens had the chance to make a video and send it in to win a green makeover of their school's prom. Congrats to Claudia O. from Dallas for winning with this video.

Celebrate the Earth with Organic Flowers


Kudos to You for Reusing Bags!

Plastic Bags

Life Is Always Greener Trivia Game

Life is Always Greener Trivia

Got some Eco-Tips to Share?

Earth Month

Happy Earth Month! To celebrate we've brought together 30 days worth of fun, tips and eco-minded partners to help you get involved and learn how every "little green thing" counts.


Recycle Your Old Fridge Sweepstakes

Bosch Fridge


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