Homemade Healthy Recipe: Mushroom Stroganoff

A dairy-free take on a comfort food classic, this recipe substitutes a cashew cream for Stroganoff’s traditional dairy ingredients.

Five Favorite (and Easy) Ways to Get Healthy

For many folks trying to get healthier, personal austerity programs don’t last. To keep excited and inspired, it’s better to focus on the fun side of healthy eating. Luckily, we have a host of resources designed to encourage delicious discoveries and culinary creativity.

Stock a Healthy Pantry, Win a Gift Card

If your New Year’s resolutions involve healthy eating, read on for shopping tips and a chance to win a $99 Whole Foods Market gift card.

What I Learned from the The Engine 2 Diet

Since the new year is upon us, and many of us are re-evaluating our eating habits, we asked Eddie, a team member who has made some big changes, to share some tips from his experiences with eating a plant-strong® diet. What he says might just inspire you to sign up for the Engine 2® Challenge in 2015.

Celebrate Healthy Choices Every Day! #HealthYeah

Celebrate all the little steps along the path to healthy eating. Did you add a handful of greens to your morning smoothie? Cheers! Try a new recipe today? Hooray! No matter what your goals are, it’s easier to stay on track when you have support. Since our customers are already great about sharing delicious discoveries, healthy tips and personal triumphs on social media, we’re asking folks to tag their posts #healthyeah — it’s an easy way to get support and keep the inspiration flowing.

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: Yes, You Can Please ‘Em All!

If your group is like mine this Thanksgiving, it’s probably going to have a number of friends and family with special diets. As of right now I’m counting two vegetarians, someone who needs to watch their sodium, someone who prefers gluten-free dishes and someone (that would be me!) who hopes to keep their health goals in check. So here’s the challenge: Getting a meal on the table that has something for everyone but still hits the holiday flavor and comfort notes we know and love.

10 Healthy Spring Recipes

The fresh fruits and vegetables sprouting up this season beg to be eaten as simply as possible. These dishes feature whole, nutrient-dense foods with a focus on plant-based goodness. What a healthy way to celebrate spring!

Hot Cereals for Happy Mornings

Move over, plain oatmeal! Today’s hot cereals feature a variety of whole grains and toppings. There’s no way to get breakfast fatigue with these customizable bowls.

Satisfying Center-Plate Salads

You might only consider salad when trying to round out a meat-based dinner, but salads can shine as the main dish. By switching up the ingredients from fruits to herbs to beans, you can create an entirely new flavor combination that keeps your salads exciting.

We Heart Healthy Desserts!

As Valentine’s Day draws near, I get excited about sharing sweet treats with friends and family. This year, I’m challenging myself to express whole-hearted affection with wholesome, whole food ingredients.


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