Choosing the Best Turkey for Your Table

Buying a Thanksgiving turkey? Here are our tips for navigating your options, plus why our global meat buyer recommends organic turkeys.

What's For Dinner? Easy Slow Cooker Pot Roast

We’ve got recipes and how-tos, so you can simmer up some pot roast tonight!

What's For Dinner? Ground Turkey for the Win

It’s time to give ground turkey — a weeknight hero — its due.

In Season Now: Icelandic Lamb

Flavorful, exceptionally lean meat from animals raised with no antibiotics, ever and no added hormones, Icelandic lamb is versatile with endless preparations that include everything from simple burgers to elegant roasts.

What’s For Dinner? Quick and Easy Ground Beef Recipes

Flavor! Speed! Versatility! That’s what I love about ground beef, and I never seem to go wrong when I cook it, even for last-minute on-the-fly meals.

Great Idea: Father's Day Kabob and Dip Bar

The beauty of the kabob lies in its versatility. Whatever meat, veggie or fruit suits your taste, it has a place on a skewer. Plus, older kids can help thread kabobs. And after grilling, everyone can dip to his or her heart’s content. Sticks and dips — it’s a winning combination!

The Best Meat Choice for Grilling

Our meat is from animals raised to high standards that address antibiotic use, added hormones, animal byproducts in feed and animal welfare.

Our Quality Standards: No Added Hormones*

As our Farm Animal Quality Standards Coordinator, Liz focuses intently on animal welfare. She works with farmers and ranchers, visiting farms all over the country and taking some awesome photos along the way.

First off, none of the meat Whole Foods Market sells comes from animals raised with added hormones. Period. No exceptions.

We know that using hormones in meat production can be a controversial and confusing issue. Let’s break it down and explain.

Our Meat: No Antibiotics, Ever

Liz Fry, our Farm Animal Quality Standards Coordinator shares one of the big differences about the meat at Whole Foods Market: No antibiotics, ever!

Get Excited About Another Type of Bacon

Do you believe that everything tastes better with bacon and the more bacon the better? Then you’re going to love this! Wellshire has crafted a leaner, flavorful bacon from the meaty pork shoulder and it’s about $2.00 less per pack than traditional bacon


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