Ideas for Green Beans

When you think of your Thanksgiving spread, are green beans on the table? They are for a lot of us, too! Interestingly, green beans are a summer vegetable so who knows how they ended up as a holiday classic. Whether you opt for an updated version of the classic Thanksgiving-favorite Green Bean Casserole or choose to go a bit more outside the box with a Panko-Crusted Green Bean Casserole, chances are that green beans are on your menu.

Biodynamic FAQ

You may have noticed “Biodynamic®” on fresh and packaged products around our store. While the seeds of Biodynamic farming germinated in the early 1900s, they have begun to flourish more widely in recent years.

Biodynamic is an exciting — and a little bit complicated — way of growing crops. The short version is: Biodynamic = food grown well. Want to know more? Read on.

Ideas for Brussels Sprouts

This holiday season, celebrate the full bounty of the produce world. Brussels sprouts are a perfect place to start. These cute little cabbage-look-a-likes are marvelous baked, roasted, steamed or pan-cooked.

The Community Center that Pineapples Built

Whole Trade Guarantee PineapplesBack in 2007 I wrote copy for signs and brochures about a new program at Whole Foods Market®, our Whole Trade® Guarantee. It’s a set of strict criteria for buying products from developing countries and ensures:


The Very Versatile Butternut Squash

Learn to Cook: Roasted Butternut SquashI once had a pumpkin-pie craving emergency that I quickly satisfied with the butternut squash I had on hand.

Apples to Applesauce

Frosted Caramel Apple Layer CakeApplesauce is really simple to make at home (here’s a basic Applesauce recipe).

A Guide to Apple Baking, Saucing and Munching

Apples are the quintessential fall fruit. Perfectly perched on top of teachers’ desks and tucked into lunchboxes, apples are in their prime right now. Fall also brings with it a resurgent interest in baking. I’m finally feeling ready to return to the kitchen for a few cooking projects – whole baked apples, applesauce and even apple chips are on the list.

Food Trends: Odd Fruits

Cathy Strange’s role as global cheese and specialty foods buyer for Whole Foods Market® puts her in the unique position of travelling the world to not only discover and encourage the world’s great cheesemakers, but also to help advance the artisanal food movement and investigate the world’s emergent food trends. If a new preparation technique is causing ripples in Berlin, or a centuries-old curing tradition is gaining a foothold in Seattle, Cathy knows about it.


Heirloom Tomato Virtual Potluck

Heirloom Tomato Pesto Galette, Photo courtesy of Maria Lichty of Two Peas and Their Pod

23 Ways With Ravishing Raspberries

Raspberry Nice CreamLately, I’ve been on a “nice cream” kick. Nice cream is a non-dairy version of an ice cream-like frozen treat you whip up in your blender. The flavor possibilities are endless.


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