Colors of Spring: Orange

Hi there, orange! We’ve been waiting for your warm, zingy energy.

Orange is the “wow” part of sunsets – you remember those? Now they’re finally hanging on a little later than happy hour, and you don’t have to watch them in your rearview mirror on the way home from work.

Think of sweet-tart mangos and simmering saffron. Peachy-colored roses and bright turmeric-spiced curries. The paddle of duck feet, the flash of a bird’s beak. Bonus points for catching spring’s mascot – the bunny – chewing on an actual carrot.


Colors of Spring: Yellow

Hello, yellow!

After the dark winter, welcome yellow shines in the finally here rays of the sun; a golden, day-long opportunity to get out and warm up.

Look for fields of daffodils and buttercups, and zig-zagging lines of fuzzy ducklings making their way in the world. (We won’t begrudge you a Peep or two, either.)

Our favorite yellow is the barely green yellowy tinge of tiny new vegetables. How about the buttery yellow glow of, well, butter? Melting on a muffin on a not-as-chilly morning?


Colors of Spring: Green

Greetings, green!

Spring’s truest sign, green tells us that things are finally turning over; leaves uncurling in miniature on all those previously-bare branches.

The most tender (and tasty) bites of the season signal their arrival with a little shoot of green: Peas and radish tops, or brave asparagus stalks creeping up from the dark ground. The eyes of your littlest one open wide in wonder at what their green garden is growing.

Take a moment to just sit and be in the green grass. Maybe you’ll find your lucky clover.


Three Easy Ways to Renew Yourself this Spring

Spring has sprung! While everything in nature is busy turning over a shiny new leaf, why not follow suit with a little spring renewal of your own? Here are three easy ways to freshen up your life as the days lengthen and the ground thaws.

1. Renew Your Kitchen


Colors of Spring: Pink

Welcome, pink! We’ve been waiting all winter for you. Flirty and flushed, pink is the rosy dawn of a new season. This beauty pops up everywhere: The crabapple and the cherry blossom. The early edges of dawn and twilight. On the cheeks of your favorite folks as they bustle around outdoors.

Learn from a Chef (In Your Own Kitchen!)

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Mom-O-Rama: Celebrate Your Mom-ness

Hey mama. We think you’re pretty awesome and we want to show you just how much during Mom-O-Rama! Come celebrate your mom-ness with us this Thursday, May 9th from 10am to 1pm in all our US stores. There will be tasty samples and lots of treats you’ll love. Plus we’re giving away goodie bags to the first 50 moms to claim them during Mom-O-Rama.

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