Seasonal Super Foods: Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Five Budget-Friendly Appetizers Worth Celebrating

Here’s a taste of the party perfect foods that we’re making this season without financial fallout.

Love Your Leftovers

Wicked Good Recipes

Hosting a party — or séance — this Halloween? Hoping to serve palate-pleasing snacks to your ghosts and goblins without the scary prices? You’re not alone. (Bwahaha!)

For Lily Munsters and Daddy Draculas on the prowl for devilishly delicious recipes that don’t suck their savings dry, here are a few spook-tacular recipes that fit the bill:


The Value Guru's Go-To Comfort Food for Kids and Grownups

When you learn to cook, you learn to save. So when you’re talking about getting the whole family cooking, too many cooks in the kitchen can actually be a good thing.

Get cooking with the classic comfort dish Baked Pasta. Our version is a one-dish supper with a few healthful updates and a lot of easy options for what you’re craving or for what your pantry holds.

Dinnertime Theme Nights

If you can jazz up a party with a theme, why not do the same thing at your dinner table? Beat taste-bud boredom and take-out temptation with theme nights!

Plan ahead and make a meal schedule that takes into account the types of foods your family loves, then get creative. By planning ahead, you’ll cut down on the six o’clock scramble and be less likely to turn to take-out or eating out.

Bonus: theme nights are a great way to introduce new foods and flavors using the comfort of a familiar dish.

Here are a few theme night examples to get you started:

Bottles of Wine Doing a World of Good

Value is not what you pay, it’s what you get. With two of our Sure Deals you get wow-factor wines for under $13 a bottle plus money from each purchase will fund poverty alleviation around the world through Whole Planet Foundation®. What a deal!

Bagging a Better Lunch for Less

Salad Days of Summer

The leafy green + veggies + dressing combo is just the tip of the iceberg. So make every salad a super salad with just a little something awesome.

Homemade to Save: Bars and Smoothies

Whether it’s poolside nibbles or refreshing drinks on the porch, don’t get burned by the price of summertime snacks. Enjoy delicious homemade savings by making your own smoothies and bars!


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