12 Easy Vegan Cooking Hacks from The Full Helping

Gena Hamshaw, author of the blog The Full Helping, shares simple culinary tricks and techniques that can make vegan cooking easier, faster and tastier.

The Full Helping’s Essential Vegan Grocery List

Gena Hamshaw, author of the blog The Full Helping, shares her vegan shopping list, which ranging from produce and pantry staples to plant-based proteins and snack foods and drinks.

100+ Fall Pumpkin Ideas to Satisfy Your Obsession

Fall’s early hallmarks are here: kids are back in school, slightly cooler weather has arrived in most places, and all things pumpkin are returning to stores. From actual pumpkins to ice cream to dog treats, pumpkin rules the season.

Celebrate National Hamburger Day with an Exclusive Offer from Beyond Burger

Try Our Top 10 Vegan Beauty Products

Did you know that Whole Body (the section of the store where you’ll find essential oils, naturally scented soaps, makeup and more) only sells beauty products that haven’t been tested on animals?

Nutritional Yeast: The One Pantry Staple Your Cooking is Missing

Nutritional yeast — sometimes called Nooch — is now one of the most used ingredients in my (vegan) kitchen. I think of it as a magical ingredient because it’s as at home subbing in for chicken broth as it is cheese. In fact I always keep a jar of it right on my kitchen counter so that I can add a little whenever I need a savory flavor boost. But it’s not just for vegans or vegetarians — nutritional yeast works in any soup or stew, and is wonderful on popcorn too!

How to Plan the Perfect Friendsgiving

World Vegan Day: Our 10 Most Popular Vegan Recipes

In honor of World Vegan Day on November 1, we’ve pulled together this list of our 10 most popular vegetarian recipes. You’ll find many staple recipes in the list here (including some overlap with our 10 Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes), featuring classic techniques and go-recipes for basics like baked tofu and roasted vegetables, along with some fantastic vegan desserts and smoothies.

Watch and Learn: Dishes for Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-free Diets

10 Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day at Whole Foods Market

National Coffee Day (Thursday, September 29) is just days away and we’ve got some great ways to celebrate. Perk up with a pumpkin spice latte, find out how your daily cup can help others, and whip up some delicious coffee-inspired drinks and dishes. Here’s how:


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