10 Essential Lunch Lessons

Chef Ann Cooper reveals her top tips for steering your shopping basket toward healthy choices in the aisles. For a list of 10 Essential Lunch Lessons that Ann discusses in this video and more information on how to make healthier choices, please check out the School Lunch Revolution.

Klondike Cheese

Cheese Travels: Roth Kase

Crave Brothers Cheese

A Virtual Value Tour

Camembert Cheese

Featured Cheese: Mons-Cazelle de Saint Affrique

WFM-U is now for YOU too!


The Whole Deal™ and A Value Tour

Compassion in World Farming Lecture Q&A and Panel Discussion

Whole Foods Market partnered with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) to present the first-ever Peter Roberts Memorial lecture to celebrate CIWF's 40th Anniversary. Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey presented "Food for the Future" at The Institution of Engineering and Technology on June 5, 2007, the evening before the Company opened its flagship store in London. The lecture, named in honor of CIWF Founder Peter Roberts, was followed by this Q&A and discussion panel. To view the lecture, please see the preceding video post.


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