Superfoods Part II

Continuing with our series on Superfoods, on this episode we have Whole Foods Market Nutritionist and Quality Standards Coordinator Jody Villeco. Jody talks to us about the specifics of Superfoods, she will tell us about certain Superfoods and their makeup, where you can find them and tips on how to get more into your diet.

Superfoods: Packed with “Antioxidants”

These days, ANTIOXIDANT is both a health buzz word AND a big reason to eat superfoods. But you may be wondering "what IS an antioxidant?" Antioxidants protect the body from wear and tear, while strengthening the immune system, muscles, bones and skin. They do this by stabilizing cell-damaging “free radicals” that form as we use energy and age. Unhealthy processed and sugary foods, stress, excessive exercise, extended sun exposure and some chemicals in our environment also spur free radical production.


Welcome to our series on superfoods, we are starting to hear a lot more about superfoods; blueberries, pomegranates, Goji berries to name a few. On this episode we will be talking with a nutritionist about what makes a food a superfood, and why these foods are so important for our bodies.

It’s “Natural!”

As you’ve probably noticed, many skincare products are now advertised as “natural.” Yet there is no regulated definition for that word on personal care products. Experts agree that most skincare ingredients are absorbed, so check ingredient lists. Natural skincare products are effective, and they can limit your exposure to potentially harmful substances while feeding your skin the nutrients it needs to function properly. What are some of your natural skin care favorites, and why? Malia Curran, MS, MPH

Natural Skin Care

Summer is just about here and it’s time for our skin to be looking its best. Tune in to learn why natural skin care is the best choice.


It's not magic, but it's close. Tune in to hear about the latest research on Aloe and how it can support supplement absorption.

Top Tips for Cleansing

Want to know the top three tips for cleansing? All equally important, two of them are simple: Eat healthy foods in small amounts, and drink plenty of water. The third tip, however, is just as vital, and sometime overlooked: support your liver. This hard-working organ filters all the blood in the body several times a day, breaking down toxic substances and sending them on to be eliminated. Because the main goal of cleansing is more efficient elimination of toxins, liver support and protection is extremely important. Experts recommend the herb milk thistle for the job.


Everything you wanted to know about internal cleanses but were afraid to ask. In this episode we will speak with two nutritionists and a MD about how cleansing can help your body run more efficiently, what ingredients to look for when purchasing a cleanse product and tips on how to manage some of the side effects of cleansing.

Breathe Easy This Allergy Season

Looking for an allergy free season? Or at least some allergy relief options that don’t have you snoozing the entire Spring away? Relief is in earshot. In this episode we speak with two Nutritionists about a variety of natural allergy relief products. Homeopathy? Nutritional Supplementation? Probiotics? Learn how allergies really affect the body and how to take a more preventative approach in dealing with seasonal allergy issues.

Stress and the Art of Relaxation

Stressed out? You are not alone, nearly 66% of Americans have sought help for stress. In this episode we speak with a MD, Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Aromatherapist about natural options that can help you reduce your stress and bring your body back into balance.


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