Touchdown! Family-Friendly Game-Day Favorites

Dan Marek is the School Programs Educator for Whole Kids Foundation®. Prior to joining their team he was a Whole Foods Market® healthy eating specialist where he educated his community about healthy food.

Getting ready for Sunday’s big football game can be tricky if you are trying to keep things healthy. Greasy snacks can weigh you down and make you sluggish by half time. But we have some solutions that will keep your energy going until the trophy is handed to the winner.

Orange You Glad – 2 Tools to Help Kids Enjoy Seasonal Citrus

Whole, slivers, sections, pulp, no pulp… no matter how you cut it, oranges are fabulous. Their skin smells great and even sprays cool oils when you squish it – so neat! Bright orangey delights are around every corner at Whole Foods Market® right now, because darlin’ clementine… it’s citrus season, and Whole Kids Foundation® is joining in the fun!

Wholesome Cookies for the Whole Family

Get the kids involved in the kitchen and whip up a batch of these delicious, unprocessed holiday cookies.

Our Gratitude Grows with Every Gift

At Whole Kids Foundation®, every day brings reasons to be thankful: the victorious smile on a child’s face after tasting that first homegrown carrot, a lunchroom full of kids celebrating their new salad bar, a team of high school students who built a greenhouse from the ground up. Every sweet success for these growing kids is made possible by donations.

Putumayo: Making Music with Whole Kids Foundation

Raising Kids on Organic Food

Four Inspiring Salad Recipes from our Blogger Friends

Adding greens and veggies to our own diets can be a challenge – introducing them to our kids can drive us mad! Some kiddos might cringe at the sight of carrots or kale initially, but introducing tasty meals that are healthy and engaging them in conversations around where vegetables come from can plant the seed for a lifelong salad-lover.

5 Tips from a Kid Chef to Get Kids Cookin'

3 Ways To Make School Lunch Healthier

Britney Fitzgerald is the web editor for KIWI magazine. Growing up, her favorite school lunch was a veggie burrito.

Local Producer: Nona Lim


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